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Monday, December 05, 2005

Lost in Translation & Mediocre Journalism

When I skimmed through Slashdot's headlines Yesterday, I found myself sneering to French arrogance when I read that France is Hostile To Open Source Software requiring open source developers to change their license.
I gave little thought to the article until I ran into the Techdirt followup that gave the following amusing insight - Slashdot (and other newspapers) are making headlines from nothing but a poor French-English PR translation... In the rush to publish, Slashdot's moderator introduced a false headline.

This just adds up to the discussions seen lately of the risks in mediocre online journalism following some of Wikipedia's so-so articles and the surge in online blogging. Afterall, what would I remember - the French arrogance or me jumping to conclusions ?

I guess that was my own tiny contribution to inferior online journalism...


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