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Sunday, December 04, 2005

A dog's life

The newspapers are filled with details of the first ever (publicly known anyways) face transplant carried out in France last week on a 38 years old woman.

What I found ironic was the story behind the story...
You may have heard that the face transplant was required because the woman's face was savaged by a dog, a tragic incident. But (thanks to aunti-spam for the tip), reading a bit further into the details most newspapers found uninteresting enough to mention, you may have found that the dog was in fact the woman's dog. Why would her own dog bite her in the face ? the French news agency AFP quotes her daughter as saying the family dog apparently used its jaws to try to wake her after she took an overdose of sleeping pills in what seems like a suicide attempt. Would you like to get the dogs comment on that ? can't do that. The french authorities put him to sleep to the family's protests.

Isn't it ironic ? If the dog wouldn't have intervened, he would still be alive and his owner dead as wished. It's the opposite now.
Don't get me wrong - I'm happy for the owner to get a (second ?) chance, but I'm so sad for the dog...


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