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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Safeguard Strategic Installations From Google Mapping

From Yahoo News -

Concerned over satellite images of its strategic installations being made available in the public domain by internet search engine Google, India has decided to constitute an expert group to suggest ways to safeguard the country's interests.

And I was thinking, why should Google go out of its way to blur the Indian buildings ? You want your buildings blurred ? I say build them blurred in the first place... !
On the same note, here are other solutions the Indian expert group might want to consider:
  1. Cover your nuclear reactors with huge shades, paint them with clouds from below and trees from above.
  2. Paint your airport buildings roofs with reflective paint (effective in daylight sweeps only !)
  3. Create a building cover by sewing together thousands of car covers. Cover your governmental buildings before Google sweeps (need inside information here...), remove afterwards.
  4. Place a huge magnifying glass over your atomic establishments (Fire hazard).
  5. Place a huge mirror over your submarine base, reflect the bastard.
  6. Place a huge monitor over your Prime Minister's residences, facing the sky. Broadcast what a second satellite views just a few kilometers away.
  7. Cover your police stations with small mountains.
  8. Build your army bases over modular wheeled plates. Shift them around regularly.

On a more serious note (?) Google should definitely have a "blur API" you can use as a request to blur ones buildings. What about painting a huge crossed "G" over required rooftops ?


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